Pixel Editor – Shortcuts

The more I squash bugs, the more usable the app becomes. This in itself is a problem.

I want to be able to use the app while I’m developing it to ensure I’m building an app I would actually want to use. As I begin to use the app more, in particular, to try and draw the icons to be used inside the app, I notice that there’s a distinct lack of shortcut keys. So that’s what I’m going to focus on next. I hope it will improve the workflow as much as I think it will.

I’m writing my own keyboard shortcut key system so that it’s more transportable if I ever manage to take it OSX. It’s a simple system whereby I load some shortcut keys from a file, call AddShortcut with each one and wait for the callback to fire. I hook this up to a global system of commands that can be actioned by the app, again, for portability.

The system was easy to set up, but there’s a bit of hackery over whether control/alt and alike buttons are pressed down. I’ll come back to tidy up that mess later.

We now have shortcut keys for:

* D – Draw
* E – Erase
* S – Square
* R – Rectangle
* Y – Eye Dropped
* L – Line
* B – Bucket
* Ctrl+Z – Undo

Next up. I need to do something about these damn crashes. I won’t rant on about that though. Too boring.

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