Making a game – Getting organised

Getting organised is a crucial part of making good progress in any kind of development. Following a mad dash to build a prototype I usually start a fresh new project in Unity and get organised. Once I’m set up, I can start porting and refactoring my prototype code into my new project and get on with making a real game.

The first thing I do is organise my windows. There’s no right way to do this, but this is how I have it set up.
In the top left, I have my Scene and underneath is the Game window. I also have my Project and Animation tabs in the bottom and Animator, Console, and for some reason, Asset Store keeps appearing there.
To the right, I have my scene Hierarchy and the Inspector to the right of that. I will generally run in full-screen mode and have MonoDevelop open at the same time.

Now that Unity is how I want, I can flesh out my folder structure.

Here’s how it looks now.


  • Everything goes inside Assets
  • Prefabs folder contains a folder for every prefab we have. Inside each folder will be the prefab and any animations associated with it.
  • Scenes are split between Levels and Menus for now. I may add more categories later.
  • The Scripts folder contains all of the code files. In my case, those are C# files.
  • The Textures folder contains all the image files.

Now I’m organised. Or at least on the right path to being so. I’m ready to start cranking out some code

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