Making a game – 2D Platformer

Since my early days of playing Mario on the NES, I have always wanted to make a 2D game. Now with enough experience to know WTF I’m doing, I have embarked on making a 2D Platformer, primarily for the iPhone. In truth, I started this game about 2 years ago, and then again 2 weeks later, and again a month later. I eventually gave up.

I have decided to use Unity to build this game because in all my previous attempts at making a game, I’ve spent at least 75% of my time just working on the editor. One previous attempt at making this game produced some good results but it took me months to get to that point. In just 5 late nights of hardcore coding, I’ve managed to surpass where I was before and with more time to spend tweaking the engine values, rather than tweaking the engine code to make use of my values, I can make the game behave much closer to how I want it to.

Here’s a little video showing a snippet of the game so far. I’m still working hard on refinement of the physics and slowly introducing more features. I’ve also already built a lot of the game state so the player can go through levels and save their progress.

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